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Overcoming Addiction

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Overcoming Addiction

Addiction and Recovery

We understand how difficult and uncomfortable detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be and how important it is to be in qualified hands during this time. Detoxing is the beginning of treatment and we work with the best detox programs that are available today. One of our exceptional and qualified affiliated partners oversees the detoxing program and the treatment is very gentle and thorough. At Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment Center, we believe that all our clients should be treated with dignity. When our clients are stable and comfortable, he or she enters into the Holistic part of our Treatment Program. This part of treatment includes:

  1. Herbs
  2. Vitamins
  3. Steam baths
  4. Whirlpool message
  5. Acupuncture

It's extremely important to cleanse the body of all drugs and toxins. In doing so, it creates clarity of mind, body, and spirit.


What are the Phases of Overcoming Addiction?

Phase 1 of Overcoming Addiction

Phase 1 begins with a psychological evaluation and a thorough assessment, this helps to determine the individuals strengths and weaknesses. The average time frame a client stays for drug and alcohol treatment is between 28 to 90 days. Our Addiction Treatment Team evaluates our client's individual and specific needs and then guides them into one or more of our specialty groups. An intensive level of primary care is part of Phase 1. The full schedule of this phase includes:

  1. Individual and group therapy
  2. Family therapy
  3. Lectures
  4. Balanced nutrition
  5. Fitness activities such as weightlifting, karate, tai-chi and yoga
  6. Meditation and Spirituality
  7. Bio-feedback
  8. Acupuncture
  9. Recreation and fun
  10. Daily support groups and fellowship such as AA, OA, and NA as well as others
  11. Vocational and educational assistance
  12. Job placement
  13. Liaisons with courts and probation officers

Phase 2 of Overcoming Addiction?

This is our transitional part of the program. After completing Phase 1 at the Drug Addiction Treatment Center, our client is now ready to return to the workforce. We understand how stressful and intimidating this can be so we carefully ease our clients back into their community by helping them with job placement. We help the client identify difficulties and problems they may face and assist them in solving these problems beforehand.

For the next 28 days, our clients work in the daytime and they receive Drug and Alcohol Treatment in the evenings and weekends. Our clients also attend various support groups daily; this insures a smooth transition back into their community.

Aftercare of Overcoming Addiction

Once a week for one year, our clients return at no charge to them. We have qualified trained professionals that monitor every client's aftercare plan. Our client's aftercare plans are revised and updated if necessary, as we continue focus on Relapse Prevention and Problem Solving.

If one of our client's has a difficult time adjusting, our Treatment Team will evaluate the situation and if they find it necessary the client may be asked to return for additional treatment. It's important that our clients are comfortable and that working their way back into their communities and the work-force is smooth and relaxed. For those that live out of town, aftercare is coordinated with point of origin.

Nutrition and Physical Fitness

Because Holistic Treatment includes healing of the Mind, Body, and Spirit; we believe that nutrition and physical fitness are extremely important and necessary in terms of a Healthy Recovery. Again every client is unique so they receive weekly lectures from our nutritionist along with an individualized program that is designed to meet their own specific needs.

All of our exercise programs are supervised by our Professional Specialists making sure that these programs meet the individual's needs also. One of our goals at Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment Center is to make sure our clients are healthy and that they are in the best physical condition that is medically possible for them. Our client's health and well-being are important to us and we take the healing of Mind, Body, and Spirit very seriously.

Comments & Replies:

  • Nakisha @ December 11th, 2011

    i am ready to take my next step in life...in a more positive direction

  • Ashanti @ May 27th, 2012

    I am ruining my family with my drinking and it needs to stop I do not drink every day, but when I do I do not know when to stop. I drink heavily and not so much in moderation basically I drink til I black out or sick for days after. My husband quite drinking because of me he says I take the fun out of it and we always fight. I think its something else wrong with me underneath I have been hiding a lot of pain and have no one to talk to, no one that just listens. with out thinking they have the damn answers to every thing or truly understands how I feel lost stuck devastated and I just don't know why. My life often seems so empty. Its funny I need help but I can not talk to my husband we have been through so much with my problem that I don't think he takes me serious when I say I want to be better. I do not think he even realizes that it is a battle for me he just thinks I like being drunk and making a damn fool of myself all the time. I do enjoy drinking but when I start I do not know how to stop pace myself or even enjoy it. I have done things that I do not even remember and when I do remember its like full of regrets. I want to be happy something that I have not been since I was a lil girl I dunno why im unloading all of this on to this page but I have to let it go. I feel so lost today I will not attend church due to a hangover and I have people there depending on me to do things I need to get my priorities straight but how? I will probably go a week or two with out drinking but when I do drink again it will be a fight or possibly an accident did I mention I drink and drive I know how dangerous but when I am drunk it seems fine.I think I can make it anywhere unless im already passed out. I have been raped due to my drinking ,I know as a victim they say its not your fault but thew truth is if I was not drunk I would have not been in the wrong place at the wrong time. And for that I can not forgive myself. I am just going to stop here cause I can go on and on about my wreck of a life.

  • Janet @ November 5th, 2013

    I understand, I don't drink everyday either but when I do I don't know how to stop! I have a lot going on in my life too which doesn't help but that's no excuse. I drink and drink and drink because I'm constantly thinking I'm going to lose my "high" or something and then the next thing I know I'm past out a sleep. But before I go to sleep I "drunk text" as many people as I can (not purposely), then the next day they ask me about it and half the time I don't even remember doing it.

  • Mj @ April 12th, 2014

    My life sounds just like yours. Once I start I do not stop until oli have had 4_6 beers. My husband is not supportive, but he does hate me. I love him but he treats me like I am trash. He cares more about himself and his family more than me. They all have spouses but he chooses to be with everyone but me. My mom and dad passed away 9 years ago and it hurts. I have two wonderful children, 3 wonderful grandkids and a job. I pray to god to help e save myself from drinking and let me be me again. I know I can't get to it if I don't go through it. "The pain and detoxification" But I Must try. This is a big part of my depression. I know I cannot make my husband love me but I have to learn to like myself again.

    I will pray for us all. God bless us all!!

  • David @ July 22nd, 2012

    I need help. I have been addicted to Marijuana for over 20 years. I can honestly say that this addiction has been the root evil for all the terrible decisions I have made in my life. I am 41 years old and am scared that marijuana is going to be my demise if I don't stop now. I am a Military war Veteran, single dad and do not have much to show for myself these days. All the treatment facilities I have found all charge an outrageous fee for their services and there is no way I can afford that. So if anyone can help I would be indebted for life.

  • Keecha @ September 10th, 2012

    I know that help is not hard to get but sometimes it's just so embarrassing that I don't want to go. Everyone around me thinks that "you don't need help just stop" addiction is so much more others do not know that this is an everyday fight and I wish they could fully understand that you sometimes JUST CAN NOT STOP!

  • Autumn Rose @ September 17th, 2012


    It is hard for people to understand that addiction is a disease that an addict must fight everyday but don?t give up. Stay strong and just try educating them. Give them the knowledge they need so they can relate and understand.

    Here is a link to fantastic article that explains how addiction changes the brain affecting an addict?s behavior and leaves them craving more of the drug.
    Addiction Research and Drug Addiction

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse Even has a great Article explaining the how addiction effects the brain.
    Drugs and the Brain

    Read this Article too that talks about Coping With Relapse
    Coping With Relapse

    Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.



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