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Drug and Alcohol Interventions

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Drug and Alcohol Interventions

The Intervention Process

Not all substance users realize just how bad their lives have spun out of control. They just don't realize the impact their dependency to drugs or alcohol has on their own lives, let alone their families and friends. An Intervention can be done in order to get a loved one who is suffering into the recovery process. A professional Intervention is a proven method of helping the individual in need realize they have a problem and help them see the serious impact their dependency is having on them.

It's extremely important that an Intervention be done by a Professional Licensed Therapist because this is a very delicate situation and it's crucial that it be done correctly in order to be successful. Our Interventions have been very successful in getting patients into Treatment Programs in a professional and caring manner.

At holistic addiction treatment center, we have Licensed Therapists available 24 hours a day and we can help you with the process of a Professional Intervention. No one wants to be miserable but sometimes people suffering from dependency to alcohol or drugs have sunk so low they need help turning their lives around. A Professional Intervention helps those that are unable to help themselves during this hard emotional time.

The abuse of drugs and alcohol throughout the United States is unfortunately widespread. Alcohol and Marijuana are two of the highest abused substances and users range from teens to older adults. It's extremely sad but in 2008 one person on average died every 38 minutes as the result of alcohol related automobile crashes in the U.S. During that same year, there were almost 1.5 million arrests for driving under the influence (DUI).

There was estimated to be around 177,879 drug related emergency department visits in 2008 by patients in need of detoxification or substance abuse treatment. In 2008, there were around 188,981 alcohol related emergency department visits made by patients ranging in age from 12 to 20 years old. 70% of these emergency department visits involved alcohol only and the other 30% were alcohol and drug related visits.

In 2009 there was almost 4.6 million drug related emergency department visits and half of these visits (2.3 million) were associated with adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs and the other almost half (2.1 million) was due to drug misuse or abuse. Emergency Department visits that involved the misuse or abuse of pharmaceutical drugs increased 98.4 percent between 2004 and 2009.

As you can see the numbers continue to increase involving alcohol and substance abuse throughout the United States. Trends among drug users change from time to time but addiction and dependency to drugs and alcohol continue to grow and are a major concern throughout our country and will only get worse without prevention, intervention and treatment.

When a loved one has a problem with drugs or alcohol they don't see the impact and negative affects their self-destructive behavior is having on their lives. It's heartbreaking for families and loved ones to watch someone they love and care about slowly destroy them self through the disease of addiction. An Intervention done by family and friends may be necessary to help your loved one see their dependency to drugs or alcohol for what it is and how far their lives have spun out of control. A professional Intervention can make all the difference in the world especially when done in a compassionate, caring and loving manor.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Interventions are very successful when handled by an experienced professional Interventionist. Many people who abuse drugs or alcohol are very defensive and not ready to accept the fact that they have a problem. It's important that the subject of addiction be approached in a firm yet compassionate and caring manor in order to help the individual realize their need for help and to get them into the recovery process.

Drug and alcohol intervention not only helps those struggling with dependency, denial and self- destructive behavior but benefits the whole family because addiction doesn't just affect the user; it affects the whole family unit. This is a trying time for everyone involved and a professional Licensed Therapist understands the seriousness and depth of this disease. A Professional Intervention helps those that are unable to help themselves during this hard and emotional time.

With a professional Intervention not only does the individual see their destructive behavior with drugs and alcohol for what it is but opens the doors of communication between loved ones and family members. Recovery from dependency to drugs and alcohol is achievable especially when the focus is on treating the 'whole' person. The mind, body and spirit are the elements that make up who we are, how we view ourselves as well as life. With a Holistic Approach to drug and alcohol Intervention and Treatment, long-term recovery and Inner-Peace is inevitable.

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Comments & Replies:

  • Cailey B. @ October 24th, 2011

    It was an alcoholism intervention that changed my life and I am happy to share my story. I began drinking as self medication thanks to depression, anxiety and a bunch of other problems that I could not seem to get help for. I started drinking casually, unwinding after a long day, but I needed to drink more and more over time until the point when I was getting stumbling drunk every single night just to feel safe and comfortable enough that I could go to bed. I was miserable but I was completely unaware of how miserable I was making myself in an attempt to drink away my problems.
    My family staged an intervention. I didn't even know they were aware of my problems.
    At first, I was offended. Why were they doing this to me? All eyes were on me and I did not want that much attention. I did not want a stranger knowing about my drinking. But the more they talked, the more I realized that I really did need help, and this is really what was going to drive me to getting that help once and for all.
    I have been sober for two years now. I recite the serenity prayer every night and go to sleep peacefully. I no longer need alcohol to deal with my issues. I am so thankful for the intervention that my family staged. It is a powerful tool in the arsenal of a loved one that wants to see you get some help.

  • Daniel H. @ October 24th, 2011

    It often takes an intervention to wake someone up to the problem they are denying. When you're a drug addict or an alcoholic, you deny it. You hide from it. You pretend that your behavior is normal and socially acceptable, and you lie to yourself just as much as you lie to the world around you.

    I was there. I was in that position and I lied about it constantly. I lied, but my family saw through my facade and they called me on it. They brought an intervention specialist from a local rehab center, and they sat me down with that person. They told me how much they cared about me and how much they wanted to see me overcome this.

    At first I was pissed off. Why were they doing this to me? Why were they forcing me to sit down with this stranger and deal with an issue I wasn't ready to admit that I had? I did not catch on right away, but once I thought about things, and once I really opened up to the intervention specialist, then that is when I truly understood that it was time to be honest ' With everyone around me, including my own self. I had lied to myself more than the people around me, and I really needed to open up and be honest for once in my life.

    I managed to get help from my family before everything fell apart. I checked myself into rehab and I got the help that I needed to overcome my debilitating addiction.

  • Ellen W @ October 24th, 2011

    I can safely say that intervention saved my life. Before my boyfriend brought an intervention specialist from the local rehab facility to my home, I was in such complete denial about my addiction that I never would have gotten help. I came home from my job one day, and the two of them were sitting in my living room. Okay, at first I was really upset, I stomped past them, went into my room and slammed the door. But they were not going to give up on me that easily.

    He actually brought the intervention specialist into my room where I couldn't really escape, and we all ended up sitting down on my bed and having a really frank talk about everything that was going on. I was still completely caught off guard and completely upset about the situation, but the more they talked to me, the more I calmed down and realized that their motives for being there were good. I just needed to listen.

    Intervention actually proved to be the thing that saved my life. It allowed me to open my eyes to my situation once and for all, and then there were absolutely no excuses left for refusing to deal with my problem. I had checked myself into rehab within 48 hours from my intervention, and now a year later I am completely clean and sober and I am feelings really good about myself and my life. My boyfriend and I are getting married next month!

  • Bobby @ March 13th, 2012

    Good for you Ellen and everyone else who is on this website and cleaned up...but that is not what I'm here to say I am wondering on how it is possible to get a intervention specialist to come to my house...I am 17 years old and have no money to help but my dad past away in 2007 from lung cancer and since he passed away my mom just hasn't been the same and lately she has been drinking ALOT lately...I feel that I should help my mom but she just doesn't see what she is doing to herself and me...I live alone with her and have to deal with her all the time and I can't take it anymore so I am reaching out for help for my mom because she can't do it herself...she doesn't spend barely any time with me anymore because I can't stand to be around her...i feel that me and my mom are drifting apart but when she doesn't drink and we go out everything seems normal till we get home...

  • January Michels @ May 25th, 2012

    I would love to have my sister back, I think my sister is one of the most kind, caring, and loving people that I know, but I am afraid if I do an intervention for her and her husband that I will lose her completely. I love her so very much and could not handle her shutting me out of her life. I know her husband would be even worse as his alchohal problem is even worse they have both been alchohalics for at least 15 years, I fear she would hate me if I did an intervention and many in my family drink but do so controlably so I know they would think who are we to judge her and her husband, I myself am not a drinker and would not want her to think I am sanctamonious or that I think I am better than her. I know it is a disease, I know its not her fault. I am just ALWAYS worried about the two of them . I knew she could never go to a rehab before because of her job which she was the main supporter of her family, but she recently went on permanent medical disability and I feel like its now or never, she can go away for as long as it takes but what if she goes and her husband doesn't , I don't see it working unless they both go and quit together. He is very mean to her yet she loves him, she always says I love him in the morning thats because its before he starts drinking. I believe their marriage is worth saving but without help I fear he will hurt her, or they will be in a horrible accident and hurt themselves or someone else. I am afraid of intervention but more afraid of completely losing the sister that at one time was my hero, the person I looked up to the most and wanted to be most like. I thought she had it all and was often jealous of how awesome of a person she was and how many friends she had. I want to be closer and spend more time with her but I hate the drunk sister and love the sober one, I know she has no idea how she is as the night progresses, the repeated conversations , the flip of a switch mood swings that make me walk on egg shells. When she is drunk I am so embarassed to admit she is my sister, but in sober life she is smart, kind, loving, and some one who has done so many things in her life to be proud of. She is actually really cool. We have a huge family and like I said I think they would all be afraid of an intervention. Her two boys I know LOVE their parents whole heartedly but I also know they are very embarassed by much of their drunken behavior, especially what there friends have seen and heard. Help me to believe that I won't lose my sister help me have the stregnth to do what is right , help me to help my sister. She has no idea how much I love her and want her to be a bigger part of my life. She lives about an hour drive away so I often don't invite her over cause I don't want her driving home please help me find a loving way to help my sister and my brother in law who I might someday like if he isn't a drunk. I know it has to be both of them they need each other and I know deeep down they love each other which is what matters the most. They do a lot for there children but the biggest gift they could give them would to let them meet their real parents, since they have never known them sober there children are two boys one in college and one in his Junior or Senior year in high school. PLEASE HELP ME !
    Sincerely , January 13939 Huseman St. Cedar Lake In 46303 is my address and [email protected] is my email.
    Have an awesome day

  • Chris R @ July 8th, 2012

    After 6 months of alcoholism at the age of 16 my parents quickly staged an intervention upon catching me so drunk that I could not take 2 steps without tripping while threatening to kill myself. What was interpreted for years as their not caring about me was clarified in hours as misguided attempts to help me with the best of intentions in mind. I find that often time's people interpret things the wrong way and see examples of their families caring for them as examples of their not caring if the end result of good-intentions was negative.

    I drank to escape from a life wrecked by unmediated/poorly-medicated ADHD (as the medications they had me on until 8th grade had terrible side effects and did not help). Socially the impulsivity, weirdness, and confusing manner of speaking left me alienated and depressed. Faith helped a lot until the 7th grade, where, as a result of over-thought and over-analysis caused by so much time alone and the inability to focus on TV or other distractions, I lost the ability to believe completely. Having just graduated high-school last year, I am still incapable of believing despite my strong desire to be doing so; attempts to seek help regarding this issue have only lead to unintentionally instilling doubt in others.

    Ultimately, the one class of medications for ADHD that my old doctor never tried (probably due to the stigma associated with them), amphetamines, proved to be extraordinarily effective for treating my condition. I was so afraid that seeking to be medicated again would only give my parents the opportunity to throw me on the side effect ridden methylphenidates that made me feel detached from reality along with changing the 'atmosphere' into one of bleakness, apathy, and hopelessness, but after everything was cleared up during that intervention I was confident that they did indeed care and they had no idea that the old medicine was as bad as it was (medicating kids is medicating someone who can't put into words how exactly the medication makes them feel and often is ignored by a non-specialized doctor completely in favor of the parent's opinion). Luckily, after beginning with Adderall last August a day after the intervention, transitioning to Dextrostat, and recently Desoxyn (methamphetamine, as the severity of my ADHD coupled with the severe shortage of Dextrostat and Adderall in my area left no other options that would not have hellish side effects), I have seen a massive reduction (and with Desoxyn, total elimination) of all ADHD symptoms and related problems (there has also been no alcohol use, drug abuse, or prescription abuse, I have done so well my psychiatrist and family are completely fine with my taking the medications I am despite the alcoholism that ended almost exactly a year ago). Of course, medication alone is not the answer, if I did not know that I had the support and care of my family I would be left with only my troubled mind to turn to for 'solutions' to the problems it has consistently failed so horribly to solve in the past. Please, if you stage an intervention be completely considerate of EVERYTHING that may help the person. Do some research and do not allow any stigma or bias you might have been raised to hold impact your decisions. Flat out stating how much you care about the person in detail, correcting any misconceptions you think they may have, and showing no anger (though disappointment is fine) towards them and remaining calm no matter what they say is essential, otherwise the person who you are holding an intervention for may see you as someone who, if they turned to for help with their problems, would only respond negatively and not seek further support from you and/or make you aware of their future problems.

  • Jessica G @ July 17th, 2012

    I also would love to know how I can get an interventionist to come to my house I love my boyfriend of two years but his drinking is killing us not just financial but emotionally I just don't know what else to do we have two children together and his drinking is affecting everyone. Anyone else know what I can do?

  • Carlo Pedemonte @ September 10th, 2012

    I have being drinking since I was 18 years old. I am 39 years old now and soon I will be 40. I have a wife and six children one is my step son. When I drink I put all my family in hell with all their consequences of my acts But then when I'm sober I feel very bad myself and hardly remember what happened to me then. My family keep telling me is due to my background on my childhood because my life was not easy then. But right now I want to know if I can be helped. My financial status is very unstable. We receive family assistance from the City, and I am covering by Medicare. Can you please let me know if you can help me? I work 35 hours at $9.00 the hour

  • Teresa @ June 22nd, 2013

    My nephew is a drug addict. He has 2 little boys he has lost custody of. He has promised if he could not get clean on his own, he would get help, that was 3 years ago and he is still using and refusing help. He has Corhn's disease and uses that as an excuse to try to make his mom feel guilty. We do not know what else to do, can you please help?


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