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Crack Cocaine Addiction and Treatment

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Crack Cocaine Addiction and Treatment

Crack Cocaine is an extremely addictive and powerful stimulant that is produced from cocaine. Through a relatively simple process, powdered cocaine is dissolved in a liquid mixture of ammonia and water or baking soda which is also referred to as sodium bicarbonate. Individuals who illegally produce crack boil the substance until solids form within the solution.

The solids are taken out of the liquid and dried, then they break the chunks or sometimes called 'rocks' into pieces, the rocks or pieces are sold on the illegal market as crack cocaine.

Dependency to Crack Cocaine

Crack surfaced as a drug of abuse in the middle of 1980 and it didn't take long for people to start smoking it because of its fast and intense euphoric effects. Crack cocaine is still a drug of abuse today, partly because it's so addictive it's almost impossible to stop abusing it if you're a chronic user without help. Another reason crack is still popular is because the user feels the intense rush or high immediately during abuse and this is something most drug users are looking for in the first place.

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Because it doesn't cost a lot of money to make, crack is relatively inexpensive on the streets. It doesn't take long for those that experiment with crack cocaine to become dependent on this illicit stimulant either. Thousands of crack cocaine users have become hooked almost immediately after using it for the first time. Sadly many young people today are still experimenting with crack cocaine for the first time when socializing with friends not realizing the serious and devastating effects crack will have on their life if use continues.

Unfortunately crack cocaine is very dangerous and will destroy your life in a short period of time if a person continues to use this drug. Thousands of people have lost their homes, their jobs, their families have broken apart, and their health has been destroyed due to the abuse of crack cocaine. The addiction to crack grabs hold of a person immediately sometimes, there have been individuals that smoked crack once and that's all it took to become overwhelmingly dependent on it. In a short period of time the crack cocaine user can't think or function until they are able find their next fix. Chronic crack users are emotionally, physically and spiritually broken inside because this addiction can be so intense.

Street Terms for Crack Cocaine

The abuse of crack cocaine is very prevalent and users as well as those that manufacture crack throughout the years have come up with terms they use to reference this illegal drug. There are many terms used when referencing crack cocaine, some of the street names are as follows: 151, 24-7, Badrock, Basa, Basing, beat, candy chemical, cloud, cookies, crumbs, crunch & munch, devil drug, dice, electric Kool-Aid, fat bags, French fries, glo, gravel, grit, hail, hard ball, hotcakes, ice cubes, jelly beans, nuggets, prime time, rocks, scrabble, snow coke, crib, fries, piedra, patico, purple caps, and white ball.

Health Risks Associated with Smoking Crack Cocaine is as follows:

  1. Blood vessel constriction
  2. Body temperature increases
  3. Heart rate increases
  4. Blood pressure increases
  5. Risks of seizures
  6. Risks of cardiac arrest
  7. Acute respiratory problems which may include trauma and bleeding of the lungs
  8. Paranoid behavior
  9. Open sores and blisters in mouth and on lips
  10. Teeth and gums can become destroyed from chronic abuse

It doesn't matter what form of cocaine that's abused there are serious health risks involved. Dependency appears to take place much faster if the user smokes crack cocaine compared to other methods of abusing cocaine.

Treatment for Crack Cocaine Dependency is necessary especially for those who are chronic users. Many times there are much deeper reasons an individual finds themselves addicted to substances like crack cocaine. Substance abuse treatment can not only help you toward abstinence and recovery it will heal you emotionally and spiritually which will prevent relapse in the future.

Finding new ways to deal with stress, anger and disappointment is part of therapy during treatment for drug addiction. Planning ahead and making better choices when socializing during and after recovery is extremely hard without professional help. If you want long term abstinence and recovery from drug addiction and dependency you will reach that goal with substance abuse treatment and therapy. Thousands have and YOU will too.

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  • Marcia Sikes @ January 23rd, 2014

    My 33 year of son will soon be released from prison and needs a rehab/reentry program. He has been through many drug rehab programs. He does great in rehab and for a few weeks or months afterward. Eventually the Crack becomes too much to resist. I am trying to find some possibilities for rehab for him. We live in Macon,, GA. and I am open to out-of-state rehab. Do you have some suggestions? We cannot afford many of the more expensive rehab but are willing to help. Thank you! Marcia Sikes


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