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Club Drug Dangers and Descriptions

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Club Drug Dangers and Descriptions

Club drugs are quite popular among teens and young people today especially when socializing in bars, nightclubs, concerts, parties, and raves. These drugs are psychoactive substances that are hallucinogenic or psychedelic in nature. Club drugs tend to be mind-changing or mind altering drugs that produce intense highs depending on the drug used.

What's A Rave?

A rave is a gathering usually of around 30 people at minimum and into the thousands when gathered in a stadium or open field. Raves can take place anywhere from small clubs to an open country field. It's very common for young people to use flashing lights and glow sticks during a rave because they heighten the hallucinogenic effects these drugs produce. Raves as stated are gatherings of young people dancing and partying for long periods of time, sometimes all night long. Not everyone attending a rave uses drugs but many do, many times drugs are even sold during these all night parties. Ecstasy (MDMA) is one of the drugs used while attending raves; young people chew on pacifiers or lollipops because this drug causes them to grind their teeth.

Some of the reasons club drugs are so popular with young people is because they're affordable, they produce intoxicating highs and euphoria, and some of the drugs create energy. Because of increased energy, kids can dance and party all night long. Unfortunately, these drugs are dangerous and what makes the dangers worse is the fact many young people combine other drugs and/or consume alcohol with them. Consuming alcohol eventually makes you tired and sleepy. Some of the club drugs give you energy so many people combine the two in order to drink and party for long periods of time.

There are so many serious dangers associated with club drugs many communities and law enforcement agencies are working on developing anti-rave initiatives in order to decrease the use of these drugs. Young people just don't understand the seriousness of club drug use even thousands of young people have ended up in the emergency room and some have died.

There is a wide variety of drugs that fall into the category 'club drugs'. Many of these drugs are colorless, tasteless and odorless and because of this often times they're slipped into drinks without the victim even knowing it. When these drugs are slipped into alcohol, the effects are intensified which makes them all the more dangerous.

Club Drug Descriptions


ecstasyThis drug is also referred to as MDMA and is one of the most common abused club drugs by young people today. Ecstasy is a stimulant drug and produces hallucinogenic effects when used. This is one of the club drugs that energizes young people and enhances their moods. Using MDMA increases heart rate and blood pressure sometimes to very dangerous levels; this can lead to kidney and heart failure.

Ecstasy is a very serious and dangerous drug, abusing this stimulant can also cause severe hyperthermia. MDMA is a man-made substance produced in illegal labs so no one really knows what chemicals are in this drug or what the exact potency is. This is one club drug that comes with many risks.

Studies have been done on Ecstasy users and some heavy users have problems with depression, confusion, memory and attention span for very long periods of time. Unfortunately if combined with other drugs or alcohol abusing Ecstasy could prove to be fatal, it has in the past. Chronic use of MDMA damages a person's brain, their ability to regulate emotions, memory, sleep, and pain.



RohypnolThis is an odorless and tasteless depressant type drug and has been used many times in rapes and sexual assaults. Rohypnol mixes with soda or other carbonated beverages quite easily and you would never know your drink had been spiked. This is one of the drugs that affects a person's memory, if slipped into a beverage the victim may not remember anything while under the influence of Rohypnol.

There are several affects when using Rohypnol; they include upset stomach, lowered blood pressure, drowsiness, dizziness, and confusion.



KetamineThis drug is medically used as an anesthetic or tranquilizer for animals mainly, but when used by a person to get high the effects are; distorted perception, sight, sound and physical detachment. There is a liquid form of Ketamine and it can be injected, combined in a drink, or be added to smoke-able substances.

The powder form of Ketamine many people add to beverages, smoke, or dissolve in order to be injected. When this drug is injected, it's usually injected into a muscle.

Ketamine is another club drug that causes loss of attention span, the ability to learn, and memory problems. When using this drug in high quantities it causes hallucinations and a dreamy-like state of mind. A high dose of Ketamine can cause amnesia, delirium, increased or high blood pressure, depression, and severe problems breathing.



GHBThis drug is referred to as gamma hydroxybutyrate and has also been used for drug assisted assaults on innocent victims. This drug is colorless, odorless, and tasteless either as a powder or liquid and quite often is combined with alcohol or other types of beverages.

GHB has also been used by weight lifters and body-builders because it helps with reducing fat and building muscles. Abusing large doses of this drug can cause the user to become comatose or lead to death.



LSDLSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide and many users refer to it as acid. Using this drug causes unpredictable behavior in an individual, it just depends on the person and how much LSD is used. The following effects have been experienced with the use of this drug; numbness, weakness, nausea, heart rate increases, sweating, loss of appetite, wakefulness, and flashbacks.

Even when an individual isn't under the influence of LSD they can suffer from flashbacks. These flashbacks appear real to the person with pictures of distorted hallucinogenic images bouncing through their minds. They visually see these images as well as hear sounds and voices, this is one of the effects users of LSD can experience whether they using the hallucinogen or not. The hallucinations can stay with the user for the rest of their lives and leave the individual with paranoid episodes and behavior.



MethamphetamineThis is a very addictive CNS which is a central nervous system stimulant that is abused by many people of all age groups. Young people use methamphetamine while partying because they become energized along with an intense rush or high. Methamphetamine can be injected, snorted, smoked, or taken orally.

Individuals that use methamphetamine on a long-term basis find themselves suffering from not only addiction but anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, and sometimes violent behavior.

Those that chronically have abused methamphetamine experience serious effects for months after stopping the abuse. Psychotic effects like paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions have been known to plague an individual for a long time when the abuse of this drug stops. Some people suffering from delusions actually feel like insects are crawling under their skin, so it's important that a meth user seek treatment if they were a chronic abuser of this substance.

The use of methamphetamine is extremely widespread and is a very commonly abused drug. Addiction to this dangerous substance should be taken very seriously and the individual should seek medical attention along with Drug Abuse Treatment for chronic dependency.

In 2009 alone there were about 760,000 people in the United States 12 years of age and older that admitted to using Ecstasy (MDMA) within the month prior. The abuse of club drugs continues to get worse as time goes on. Many lives have been lost or medically changed forever due to recreational use of these club drugs. The health effects of abusing these drugs can last a lifetime!

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