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Substantial Amount of Cocaine Coming into Britain Cut with Vet Drug

1-800-315-2391 Who Answers?  |  May 20th

Substantial Amount of Cocaine Coming into Britain Cut with Vet Drug

Produced from coca leaves, cocaine is a powerful and addictive stimulant that has a direct effect on the brain. Legal and illicitly produced stimulants like cocaine are psychoactive drugs and due to the effects this class of drugs has on the mind and body, they're unfortunately widely abused.

Stimulants, often referred to as uppers, can temporarily induce euphoria and feelings of pleasure as well as; increase wakefulness and energy levels, improve mental and physical performance, enhance self-esteem and decrease appetite. In high doses, the effects stimulants have on the mind and body are significantly intensified.

The powerful stimulant cocaine is a Schedule II drug and is highly addictive. First time users of cocaine could get hooked on the drug very quickly whether they choose to snort, smoke or inject it. Usually drug dealers cut cocaine by adding substances like cornstarch, talcum powder or sugar but the illicit drug has also been known to contain other ingredients that make the already dangerous drug even more unsafe and dangersome.

Levamisole is a drug approved in the United States for use in veterinary medicine, the medication is used by veterinarians to deworm animals but it' also used illicitly as well. Drug dealers have been known to use Levamisole as a cutting agent in cocaine to decrease the purity level before they sell it unbeknownst to users. Cocaine cut with the drug Levamisole can cause flesh to rot and according to a recent report from Mail Online, eighty percent of the cocaine coming into Britain is laced with the veterinary drug.

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