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Dangerous Form of Pot Known as Butane Hash Oil Rising in Popularity

1-800-315-2391 Who Answers?  |  September 8th

Dangerous Form of Pot Known as Butane Hash Oil Rising in Popularity

Worldwide marijuana is the most widely used drug but there's another form of pot that appears to be trending now and it produces a powerful immediate high but it's tremendously dangerous and explosive to make and use. The growing pot trend is called butane hash oil but it's also known by several other names such as honey oil and marijuana wax among several others.

Butane hash oil is extremely potent and is becoming a popular method of getting high among younger pot users. This hash oil method is made by extracting the THC from marijuana using butane which is highly flammable. The butane hash oil method is so dangerous fires and explosions can occur very easily when the drugs being cooked.

People of all ages use marijuana and it's one of the more common drugs used among the younger generation. Many teenage pot users are already familiar with the butane hash oil method and a lot of them have even tried making a batch and using it. Numerous people are suffering serious injuries from trying to make homemade butane hash oil

Even though making homemade butane hash oil is very risky many young pot users are attempting to make it themselves and if they're unsure of how to do it, there's plenty of videos on the internet showing how it's done and smoked. Unfortunately with marijuana already being a preferred drug among young people the butane hash oil trend will likely continue to rise in popularity even though it's dangerous, especially for pot users seeking an intense high.

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  • Phil G @ October 22nd, 2014

    One of the hottest products on medical marijuana dispensary shelves and on Craigslist is a potent hash oil often made at home with the help of DIY YouTube clips and canisters of butane... There are sooo many horror stories and deaths because of this... so sad :(


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