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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and is extremely common among children. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurobehavioral disorder that is usually identified during childhood and doesn't go away, it continues throughout adulthood.

Most children have trouble behaving and staying focused off and on, this is normal and just part of being a kid.

Children with ADHD have trouble behaving, staying focused and paying attention all the time and it doesn't get better the older they get. ADHD behaviors have an effect on the child when they're in school learning, with friends and friendships and at home. Some children are extremely hyper and overly active which make the behaviors worse.

There are several forms of ADHD; there are many symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Depending on which of the symptoms are the strongest determines which type of ADHD a child has.

Predominantly Inattentive Types find it hard to organize or finish tasks their given. Paying attention to details is a problem and following directions or instructions or conversations is difficult for them. The individual can become distracted easily and finds it hard to remember details of their normal daily routine.

Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Types tend to fidget a lot. They have a hard time sitting still when eating, doing homework or watching TV. Restlessness and impulsiveness are also symptoms of this type. Children who fall into this type have a hard time waiting for their turn or listening to directions. Much smaller children in this category type are very active running, jumping or climbing continuously.

Combined Types have symptoms from both of the forms above. The cause of ADHD is still unknown but according to research genetics play a part in this disorder. Scientist continue to study attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and possible causes and risk factors which include; brain injuries, environmental exposures, the use of tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy, premature delivery and low birth weight.

ADHD Treatment

The best treatment for most cases of ADHD includes a combination of behavior therapy and prescription medication. There isn't one specific treatment that is effective for everyone because every person with ADHD is different. Stimulant and amphetamines are the most effective medications used for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. These medications include:

  1. Adderall
  2. Adderall XR
  3. Concerta
  4. Daytrana
  5. Dexedrine
  6. Dexedrine Spansule
  7. Dextrostat
  8. Focalin
  9. Focalin XR
  10. Metadata
  11. Metadate CD
  12. Methylin
  13. Ritalin
  14. Ritalin LA
  15. Ritalin SR
  16. Strattera
  17. Vyvanse

Stimulant and Amphetamine ADHD Abused Medications

Unfortunately today many of the medications prescribed to treat symptoms associated with ADHD are abused by teens, young adults and older adults. Many people abuse Adderall and Ritalin to get high and sometimes combine them with other drugs or alcohol. This is extremely dangerous and illegal. Adderall, Ritalin and other ADHD medications are only legally available by prescription but many drug users buy them on the streets or through the internet illegally. Mixing these drugs with other substances is very dangerous and the consequences could be lethal.

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Comments & Replies:

  • Kathi @ February 13th, 2012

    I have twin boys with ADHD that are being cut off of theyre meds because of maijuana use. They need meds to succeed in school. What can we do?

  • Adhdboy22 @ July 8th, 2012

    Stimulant abusers, which your children most likely are NOT, typically do not use marijuana at the same time as the increased focus overpowers the marijuana intoxication. The majority of marijuana users do not use other drugs aside from infrequent mushrooms use. They have that attitude that "natural" drugs are okay but semi-synthetic ones such as Amphetamine, Heroin, or Ritalin are not, as this helps them convince themselves that their Marijuana use is not problematic and is not addictive.

    My ex-girlfriend's father is a pot smoker; he started in his late 50s after retiring from a long, sober career of teaching. He kept using it more and more often to escape from reality as a result of his poor social interactions with his family which were caused in part by ADHD behavior, which he had been diagnosed as having multiple times but did not want to be medicated. Now he's in his mid-60s and his attempt to escape from reality has only alienated people, encouraging more marijuana use. He would be obviously stoned when I came over to see his daughter (her responsible mother was out working), not caring at all that his daughter and I were in her room for 5+ hours straight with the door closed (we honestly never had intercourse, not even oral/hand throughout the entirety of our 9-month relationship, though he should have been concerned as that would at least show his daughter that he cares about her). The reason for the closing the door, though not locking it, was his stoner-music being played too loud in his 3rd floor hobby-shop (and her having a bathroom in her room anyway).

    My point is, leaving people with ADHD unmediated results in problems not only with the ADHD itself but due to the damage it inflicts to one's social interactions. Unmediated, people with ADHD are impulsive and more prone to hard drug and overly frequent drug abuse. It would be best to simply lock the medication away and monitor them taking it if it is that concerning, or simply counting their pills randomly, though I wouldn't bother doing either unless their medication was Dextroamphetamine (NOT Adderall), which is the ADHD medication with the most abuse problems seeing as how methamphetamine is so cautiously prescribed and only in doses low enough that a month's supply could not last an addict more than a day and Adderall has levoamphetamine in it which jacks up your heart-rate at doses that would get you high (it won't kill you, but it will be extremely unpleasant, you will also be on the toilet a lot).

    Please, unless you notice prescriptions running out too soon or the abuse of any street stimulants; keep your kids on the medication that works. My ADHD caused a period of alcoholism stemming from depression brought on by terrible social functionality and problems in both school and home (I could not even concentrate on a cartoon or video game) caused by the unmediated ADHD (I insisted upon going off the medicine from when I started at the age of 6 up until the 8th grade when I finally convinced them to take me off, as what the doctor was prescribing had hellish side effects). It ended immediately upon the decision to go back on medications, though only the class of medicine that my old doctor never prescribed, which the amphetamines were. Adderall cured my alcoholism and made me capable of concentrating overnight while suppressing eccentric behavior that ruined social interactions with no side effects other than a loss of appetite. Recently, Desoxyn (prescription methamphetamine) has become a miracle cure for all of the ADHD symptoms I have that feels like being on no medication at all, just complete normal-ness with only 10mg a day orally, meaning a month's supply would be 300mg that wouldn't even last an addict a day (though I would not recommend bringing it up with your doctor without trying almost every other option).

    Don't risk letting their ADHD run rampant. It can easily lead to their turning to hard drug use or much more frequent (and heavier) cannabis use. Stimulant abuse is very obvious and is not something that can be assumed from cannabis abuse alone (a generally more 'dead' decayed look, staying up for day's straight, awkward jittery movements, etc.). They may actually be under-medicated or on an ineffective medicine.

  • Faerychild @ August 18th, 2012

    Get them out of that school if the school is going to be so harsh they are forced to be on a such a horrible drug! Really, there are COUNTLESS cases of people of all ages and it usually starts because they were prescribed, usually during school quite often high school or college or even during earlier years, who are having horrible health and psychological and social problems and addiction as a result. I would consider it a gateway drug WAY more than marijuana. How do I know? Experience. My mom put me on it when I was 10. I am now 21. I have been trying to get off it for the past 5 years, and when I was a bit younger she was like you---"NO STAY ON IT FOR SCHOOL" even though I would say to her and the teachers it made me feel bad they thought it helped me focus. But at what cost? I know have a heart condition at the age of 21 and suffered psychosis and addiction and depression and muscle spasms and panic attacks and anxiety and general heal and staying up for days or when I would be able to sleep certainly not getting enough sleep (maybe 4 hours at a time, or if I skipped a dose then like...maybe 6. MAYBE. usually only about 2 hours at a time)...this drug is not worth it NO ADHD medicine is worth it we have been on pretty much all the ones listed and they are terrible. Finally I am sober and clean and I don't care if my grades decline---I had a stroke and seizure (Yes!) because of it---and I don't want to die of heart or other complications before I am even 30. But honestly my grades have gone up. The first few weeks were very hard (the first few weeks of not taking it). But then I noticed I was doing better with other kids, and adults, and making MUCH better choices, and my grades have been going up for the past month. I found out that because Adderall made me not want to sleep or eat enough, I was deficient in all kinds of vitamins, so I have changed my diet and am healing. I am getting enough sleep; I went on trazadone to help that. I highly recommend getting them off that junk. Doctors love to prescribe it because since you have to go in every month to get it, they get more money from you and the pharmaceutical companies pay them a lot---it's all connected think about it even 95% of rehab facilities are privately run---it's all a big money making machine. Your children's health are more important than their schemes---damn their schemes to hell.

  • Aisha @ August 19th, 2012

    I feel that ADHD medication is far more dangerous than marijuana.
    I smoked pot for years.
    I was able to get off it with no withdrawal within a month and have been clean for 5 years.
    I was put on ADHD medication at the age of 9.
    It took me 7 years to get off of it after becoming extremely anti-social, mean (cruel, even), psychotic, unable to sleep (up for days), addicted, school performance declined needless to say---the withdrawal was an absolute nightmare every time and it took me so long I suppose partly because they put me on it so young. To be specific the drug was Adderall. But they also had me on Ritalin, Concerta, Strattera, Focalin, others...they are all the same. It turns out I don't even have ADHD. I just didn't fit into the school system. I have an extremely high IQ and needed an alternative school. Once I went to one my grades went up and I graduated top of my class and then went on to NYU where I graduated in the top 10%. Never, ever put someone on ADHD medications. They can ruin lives. Due to it I have a heart condition and still get panic attacks. I am only 23 years old. You absolutely will get addicted to ADHD meds no matter what the doctors tell you. ANY psychological medication is physically addictive, period. I had withdrawals from Prozac, Wellbutrin, Cymbalta---what do they always say? "Never stop it cold turkey, never stop it abruptly, go of it gradually, talk to you doctor about how to go off it safely"---there you go, it is all physically addictive. BUT the ADHD medications, in my opinion, are the most physically addictive legal medications, or certainly some of the most, opiates such as Vicodin are quite addictive for some people as well. They are amphetamines, after all. You really think that weed is worse than amphetamines for your kid or anybody for that matter? Not that weed is good. It's not. ADHD meds won't help them get off weed, either. A LOT of kids who are on ADHD meds also smoke weed and often at the same time even though many know that they kind of go against each other---I have seen it so much. The kids at school who made the most money weren't the pot dealers---they were the kids who would sell the pills, mainly ADHD meds like Adderall and really any of them. They would go for 20-30 dollars a pill. Watch out. All the best.


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