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Hydrocet Abuse, Signs, Symptoms and Addiction Treatment

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Hydrocet Abuse, Signs, Symptoms and Addiction Treatment

Hydrocet is a powerful painkiller that contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen.

Unfortunately, the hydrocodone in the drug can cause addiction, and this occurs often, as many people misuse their or someone else's medication.

Understanding Hydrocet

Hydrocodone and acetaminophen are prescribed together in a number of different generic and brand name drugs; Hydrocet is merely one of these. The drug is used to treat moderate to severe pain and may be given to a patient for any number of reasons. According to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, "Combined hydrocodone and acetaminophen is one of the most widely prescribed pain relievers and has become one of the most frequently abused drugs nationwide."

Anyone taking Hydrocet should be very careful with their prescription and must never stray from the dosage amount or the timeline during which they are meant to take the drug. The medication is dangerous when abused and can cause opioid addiction, which often requires treatment in a rehab center.

Signs and Symptoms of Hydrocet Use

Hydrocet has been known to cause a number of side effects, the most common being constipation and drowsiness. Many patients complain of the constipation caused by the opioid analgesic in the drug, but this can normally be treated with another medication. Patients are advised, however, to avoid driving or doing other activities while on Hydrocet that require immense concentration, mostly because of the drowsiness and confusion the drug can cause.

According to DailyMed, some of the other effects associated with this drug include:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Mood swings
  3. Difficulty urinating
  4. Skin rash
  5. Itching
  6. Lightheadedness
  7. Nausea
  8. Vomiting

Most of these side effects are harmless, especially if an individual takes the drug as prescribed. When a person begins to abuse their Hyrdrocet prescription, more serious complications tend to occur. Like with every drug, though, there are certain risks involved with taking Hydrocet even at therapeutic doses.

Risks of Hydrocet Use

Hearing loss has been found to occur in rare instances in those who take Hydrocet. In general, this is an issue that occurs most often with chronic overdose, but it is still a danger associated with the drug. Experiencing any hearing issues while on Hydrocet could be a sign of a serious problem.

Dependence and tolerance are natural reactions the body has to Hydrocet, especially when one has been taking the drug for an extremely long period of time. You will need to be weaned off the medication to avoid experiencing any severe withdrawal effects if you have become dependent on the drug. Unfortunately, many people actually begin to abuse their medication instead, hoping to counteract these effects in their own way. This is extremely dangerous.

Overdose is also a serious possibility when one is taking an opioid-based drug like Hydrocet. The medication causes severe respiratory depression when taken in large doses, and this can possibly cause coma, brain damage, and eventually, death. Because of the acetaminophen in the drug, liver damage and failure is also a possibility (National Library of Medicine). Someone who has overdosed on Hydrocet should be taken to the hospital immediately.

Hydrocet Abuse

All of these issues become more likely to occur and to be severe if you are abusing Hydrocet. Hydrocodone is the most abused opioid drug in the country, even more so than heroin, and this is one of the dangers of taking the medication. However, if you take the drug as prescribed and stay in contact with your doctor, you should be fine.

Many people do abuse Hydrocet, even those who were never meant to take it in the first place. The drug can cause euphoria when taken in large doses, and some people steal or forge prescriptions or purchase the medication illegally in order to experience this high. The longer you abuse the drug, the more serious the results are likely to become, often leading to addiction, overdose, and the abuse of even more dangerous drugs like heroin.

Hydrocet Addiction and Treatment

Hydrocet addiction treatment often requires the use of at least one type of detox or maintenance medication and one or more behavioral therapies to teach the patient better life skills for recovery. The medication can help them avoid experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms and gain back control of their life.

If you are struggling with Hydrocet abuse and/or addiction, now is the time to seek help. It very important to discuss your medication with your doctor and make sure they are always aware of your state of wellness while on Hydrocet.

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