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Addiction Treatment

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Addiction Treatment

According to a 2009 (NSDUH) survey in the United States the use of illegal drugs has escalated to the highest level in 8 years. The main reason for the increase is due to the use of marijuana. Marijuana is still the preferred drug among substance users and most especially among the young people between the ages of 12 to 25. Around three fourths of the people who admit to illegal drug use admit that they use marijuana. NIDAs Monitoring the Future Survey shows there is a definite increase in marijuana use among eighth grade students. The percent of 8th grade marijuana users jumped from 14.5 percent last year to 16 percent this year.

Addiction Treatment

This is extremely worrisome for our young people according to Nora D. Volkow, M.D who is the Director of National Institute on Drug Abuse. Young people who use marijuana during their pre-teen years and teen years are especially at risk because their brain is still developing. Marijuana affects a young person's learning abilities, their judgment, and their motor skills and the earlier a child starts using marijuana the higher their chances are of becoming addicted to it.

MDMA which is also called ecstasy is showing substantial increases in use also. MDMA is a many-made synthetic drug that many of our young people are using while partying in groups. Young people are using synthetic drugs to get high and mixing them with alcohol and other substances and risking their health as well as their lives.

The abuse of prescription drugs is increasing by young people as well as older adults. The use of painkillers like Vicodin and Oxycontin are abused more and more every day, sometimes unintentionally but most of the time these prescription painkillers are abused with the intention of getting high and intoxicated.

Addiction is a serious chronic disease that not only affects those that are dependent on drugs but the world around them. There are many factors that come into play that are associated with addictive behavior and why so many people find themselves dependent on drugs, alcohol or prescription medications. Some of the underlying factors include:

  1. Childhood trauma
  2. Family history
  3. Genetics
  4. Environment
  5. Trauma during childhood
  6. Bullying and harassment in school or the workplace
  7. Abuse physically, mentally and sexually
  8. Neglect or abandonment
  9. Learning disabilities
  10. ADD and ADHD
  11. Depression
  12. Anxiety disorder
  13. Bipolar disorder

Young children are growing up in homes where family members are dependent on drugs or alcohol and many of them repeat what they see. The internet is full of content that promotes illegal drug use; the latest and greatest alcohol concoctions that are either on the market or how to make one, prescription pain medications can be purchased from illicit pharmacies online and you can learn how to make a portable meth-lab in a bottle now.

It's important that we educate and teach our children and young people just how serious and dangerous drug and substance miss-use is, that they don't have to fit in with the crowd because they're ok just the way they are. Depression and mental illness is devastating as well as debilitating and thousands of people suffer every day in silence, some attempt to self-medicate themselves with alcohol and other mind altering substances just to get through the day.

Fortunately there is wonderful help and treatment today for anyone suffering from alcohol dependency, drug addiction, and depression or mental disorders. Thousands of people suffering from depression and mental illness miss-use prescription drugs, alcohol or other substances never realizing they suffer from mental disorders.

Treating the addiction is very important but unless the individual as a whole receives treatment it's impossible to completely reach-recovery from dependency to substances like drugs and alcohol. No matter what they are, underlying issues have to be surfaced and treated for long-term sobriety and recovery. That's why a Holistic approach to substance abuse treatment is so effective, our minds, bodies and spirit is who we all are and if one of these components is in need of healing it continues to weaken and damages the rest of us.

Each and every one of us are unique, special and different, there is no cut and dry way to heal an individual mentally and emotionally as well as physically and spiritually. Holistic treatment is designed to treat each person individually focusing on them only and not comparing one individual to another. Healing the mind, restoring our bodies back to health and embracing and healing our spirit requires dedication and time but the end result is sheer harmony, peace and happiness from the inside out.

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Comments & Replies:

  • Raeleen Delgado @ June 10th, 2011

    Hi, my name is Raeleen and I'm a daughter of an alcoholic my father is one and has always been since he was in high school. it's sad because i wish he would stop because it's hurting our whole family him and my mom haven't been together since i was 2 yrs. old and i believe that with a lot of help from the whole family and an alcoholic rehabilitation program he will hopefully be back on track it's just so hard because my whole life i have seen him this way every time were together hanging out we can never go see a movie go fishing go eat go anywhere and relax calmly because he always has a beer or bottle in his hand my dad also has diabetes high blood pressure and drinking does not help in anyway i am now 19 yrs. old and my dad is 40 yrs. old i wish and pray that he stops i know it will not be easy but i have faith i don't want to lose my dad over a can or bottle full of poison i am now looking for some kind of program to get him in i love my dad and he said he is willing to do it for me and i just recently graduated high school and i want him to still be here alive on this earth when i graduate college and finish my law enforcement police academy and i want him to be here when i get married and still be here to see my kids and be the grandfather i know he can be but the way he's going right now i can't see that happening i hope i can find out who or where exactly to take him because he's my dad and i love him so much and i love the times we have when he isn't drunk or driving drunk or drinking while were hanging out we would just be having a blast talking and chilling but then he always finds the urge and gets the craving of another beer and not just one like another six after that and their not the regular beers either they are the malt beverages such as tilts four lokos jooses mikes hard and earthquakes and high gravitys and camo black ice and night train and the list goes on maybe a little tecate here and there but the rest is very strong high in percent alcohol volume drinks i just need help on what to do because i want him to have an actual life not life as an alcoholic !!!

  • Jason M @ October 24th, 2011

    The underlying factors list really weighed on me. I read through this list and I thought about all the things that drove me to my drug addiction in the first place, and it really hit home. This entire post was extremely meaningful to me, but something about the list really hit home above all else. Childhood trauma, history of addiction in the family, trauma during childhood, neglect issues, abandonment issues and similar issues in the list all weighed on me when I was a child, and I really do strongly believe that these things had a big impact on the fact that I became a drug addict later in life.

    In fact, I started doing drugs, drinking and smoking cigarettes at only 14. This should tell you something about my childhood. Things were rough, and I struggled with my addiction for many years before I was finally able to get the help that I needed. Eventually I realized that only I was capable of getting me the help I needed, and so I checked myself into a rehab program to get some professional assistance. Now I am a solid 10 years clean and sober and I am extremely happy with the results of my recovery.

    It is crazy how much your childhood can come back to haunt you later, sometimes without you realizing what is happening. Often treating the underlying problems can help to clear up the substance abuse problem that you are facing now for a more cohesive recovery.

  • Katlyn B @ October 24th, 2011

    Two years ago I thought addiction was just a normal part of life. I was a high school junior and had lived with addicts all my life. My mom was rarely home because she was out getting high and my brother and I spent our free time drinking whatever we could find in the liquor cabinet. I didn't think any of this was out of the ordinary until my teacher asked me why neither of my parents made it to back-to-school night. I explained that my mom was out getting high and I didn't know who my father was. My teacher asked me if I ever got high. I didn't see the point in lying to her and told her that I didn't get high, but my brother and I would drink almost every night.

    My teacher spent all evening talking with me and convinced me to meet with the school counselor. The school counselor helped me and my brother get into rehab and contacted a social worker who helped my mom get into rehab.

    Now I'm a senior in high school and for the first time in my life I live with a normal, addiction-free family. My mom is home at night and has been helping me decide which colleges to apply to. Because of how much my school counselor helped me I think I want to follow in her footsteps. I want to show other kids that just because they see addiction around them doesn't mean that they have to be addicts themselves.

  • Lamont T @ October 24th, 2011

    I didn't think weed was a big deal. I thought everyone smoked it and didn't think that it had the potential to hurt me. Sure, I had heard about it being a gateway drug, but I thought that was complete and utter BS. I knew I wouldn't be a hardcore addict. Little did I know how wrong I was.

    Before I knew it the high I got from marijuana wasn't good enough to fulfill my craving for a high. Next thing I knew I was taking unidentifiable pills and snorting whatever white powder my friends had available. My 4.0 GPA quickly turned into a 1.9. I was in danger of not being able to graduate when my high school counselor confronted me and asked me why my grades were dropping. I said I just didn't care about school anymore. She asked if I was using drugs. I didn't even have to answer. She knew I was an addict.

    My school counselor called my parents and that evening they sent me to rehab. I had no idea how lucky I was until I got sober. Then I realized that my life had been saved. The counselors at rehab helped me to recover from my addiction and worked with my school to allow me to retake the classes I failed to raise my GPA. Now that I'm looking at my college options I'm thinking that I want to be a drug addiction counselor to help teens like me get their lives back before it's too late.

  • Kim H @ March 12th, 2012

    I have a friend who stole my heart with a spirit that shines. He is 32 has major back problems which involves therapy without any pain management due to no medical insurance. My friend knows he will not live more than a month or two if he doesn't kick the Heroin. He has 8 major abscesses and sticks himself for hours at a time finding a vein while in a major withdraw. He has cut back from 80 cents a day to 20 cents a day trying to get off of it and has asked me for help. I am a recovering addict but have no experience with heroin. How can I help him with no insurance or money?

  • Regina @ December 13th, 2012

    Please help someone dear to me is going to die from drinking and the other from drugs it they don't get help real soon.


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