Legal Assistance, Court Assistance and Licensed DUI Counseling

Many times due to their addictions, people incur legal issues. Sometimes we are able to work with Lawyers, Probation Officers, and Judges in order to help the individual get their sentence reduced or remanded. Depending on the circumstances, when a person has made a commitment to get help for their addiction, this can make a difference when it comes to legal issues. A Judge will sometimes have the sentence reduced or remand the individual to a treatment program for their addiction instead of going to jail.

Court Ordered Rehab

Court Ordered Rehabilitation @ 1-800-315-2391

Drinking and driving continues to be a significant problem throughout the United States. Thousands of people have lost their lives or caused and innocent person to suffer serious injuries or loss of life due to impaired or drunk driving. People in all age groups abuse alcohol, drive while under the influence of alcohol, and need help for their drinking problem. Unfortunately alcohol related legal issues continue to increase due to DUI's and other legal problems related to alcohol use and abuse.

DUI Counseling

Licensed DUI Counseling @ 1-800-315-2391

If you are just getting started or coming via a referral, it is easy to schedule an appointment with a member of our professional counseling staff.

Substance abuse is also steadily increasing throughout the United States and affects people in all age groups. The legal issues associated with the use of drugs in this country are a major problem and continues to get worse every year. From the illegal production of drugs, illegal sale, illegal use and the violence related to illegal substances.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Affects

  1. The substance user's health
  2. Their families
  3. Causes problems in our Schools
  4. Is responsible for thousands of traffic related injuries and deaths a year
  5. Is responsible for criminal drug related activity and violence
  6. Steadily fills our jails and prison system which costs billions of dollars
  7. Increases health care costs
  8. Affects our economy
  9. Leads some people to bankruptcy
  10. Affects Businesses and employers
  11. Costs millions of dollars to clean up meth production labs and dump sites every year