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Drug and alcohol abuse is increasing throughout the United States among adolescents, young people and adults. Substance use and addiction aren't the only problems concerning drug use and dependency. Alcohol and drug abuse affects every person and every area of our lives throughout the world.

Every day there's substance use issues that hit the headlines or make the evening news. Unfortunately no matter how many tragedies take place associated with drug and alcohol abuse, the use of these substances continues. New stories associated with drug and alcohol use can be helpful as well. We can only hope this is a way of making people aware of the dangers and consequences of substance use, and possibly open someone's eyes about their own use of drugs or alcohol and their need for help.


Alcohol Addiction and Treatment

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Alcohol Addiction and Treatment

Individuals that suffer from alcoholism are unable to control how much they drink once they start. It doesn't matter where they're at or who they're with they are unable to limit them self. The urge to drink may become overwhelming very often because of their deep need for alcohol. This affects the individual suffering from alcoholism emotionally and physically until they're able to drink again....  |  Read more