Warm Line Helps Physicians Treating Substance Abuse

1-800-315-2391  |  April 15th

Warm Line Helps Physicians Treating Substance Abuse

A free service was recently launched that's going to help primary care providers with their patients that abuse substances. The service is called PCSS-P which stands for Physician Clinical Support System for Primary Care. PCSS-P will help primary care providers recognize and give advice to patients that abuse substances.

According to Medical News Today, PCSS-P is a project of NIDA which is the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). This new service is referred to as 'warm line'. A regular 'hot line' offers an immediate response from health care providers and physicians but the new service warm line provides a response within a 24 hour period. All physicians have to do is register in order to take advantage of this new service.

PCSS-P has mentors who specialize in screening, brief intervention, treatment, and referrals for patients with substance abuse problems. Another advantage is that a primary care provider can contact the mentor through email or by phone with any specific questions they may have.

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