New Synthetic Drug Reaches Illinois

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New Synthetic Drug Reaches Illinois

Illinois is warning their residents about a new synthetic drug called 2CE that's beginning to hit the streets according to kwqc.com. 2CE right now can be purchased legally but it's a dangerous drug that causes hallucinations like LSD does along with other serious effects. The synthetic drug 2CE can cause increased body temperature, a rapid heartbeat as well as hallucinations that can be experienced for as long as twenty four hours.

Many young people today experiment with different drugs and are willing to try almost anything new that might produce an inexpensive high because they really don't understand the serious risks involved. In the past few years' synthetic drugs like K2 and bath salts were substances young people were trying and unfortunately still do, even though they're extremely dangerous and now illegal.

Everyone reacts to these synthetic drugs and other substances of abuse differently and so a person never really knows what to expect until they try it. Sadly most young people find out the hard way just how toxic and dangerous synthetic drugs like 2CE are.

Hopefully people everywhere not just in Illinois are made away of the serious dangers associated with the use of any synthetic drug that's already available or any new one that pops up. A person's life can be forever changed when they try these dangerous synthetic drugs. I hope parents talk to their kids and young people take these warnings and news reports serious and think twice before trying them.

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