The Risks Involved with Cocaine Abuse Continue to Increase

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The Risks Involved with Cocaine Abuse Continue to Increase

Stimulants are commonly chosen by people in all age groups as a drug of choice to enhance their feelings, increase their energy levels, lift their moods, and to keep them alert. Among the younger group of substance users, many times stimulants are used recreationally with groups of friends just 'hanging out' or while partying.

Ecstasy is a stimulant that a lot of teens and young people abuse and unfortunately sometimes combine with other drugs and alcohol making the consequences much more serious and possibly lethal.

Some of the other stimulants that are abused are cocaine, methamphetamine, amphetamines, methylphenidate, nicotine, and MDMA. When a person chooses to continue using stimulants to experience the affects listed above, they risk tolerance, overdose and addiction as well as other serious consequences.

Cocaine is very powerful and is an extremely addictive stimulant drug that's been abused for many years and has caused tragic addiction and many deaths. Some people snort the powdered cocaine and others dissolve the powder in water and inject it to get high. There is another form of cocaine that's called crack that people smoke. Processed cocaine is formed into rock crystal and when the crystals are heated they give off a vapor that's inhaled to produce their high.

We know that when an individual abuses cocaine to get high there are many serious risks involved. Anyone that uses cocaine very often risks heart attacks or strokes that can cause death suddenly. Depending on the way cocaine is administered, there are many other risks the user is taking. Snorting cocaine can cause the user to have nosebleeds and they can lose their sense of smell. Another risk from snorting cocaine is associated with problems swallowing. If a person frequently ingests cocaine they risk gangrene of the bowel because of decreased blood flow. When a person chooses to inject cocaine they risk AIDS, HIV, and other diseases that are blood-borne.

The risks in the past were and are serious enough but now we are hearing of another risk associated with cocaine abuse. Contaminated cocaine can cause the skin to decay and die. Purpura is also referred to as 'skin death' which causes the skin to become purplish, crusty and painful. There are several causes for pupura but the condition is also caused from using cocaine. There is a de-worming drug that's quite often used when cocaine is produced and it is believed that cocaine that's been contaminated with the de-worming drug is the cause of this serious skin condition that is not only very painful but can lead to serious infections.

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