Teen Substance Abuse on the Rise

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Teen Substance Abuse on the Rise

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Among Teens Continues to Rise and 15 is Too Young to Die

Ecstasy is still a very common drug that's abused by young people and continues to make headlines as well as marijuana and alcohol use among teens. The use of these substances anymore among many young people seems to be what's normal and accepted by kids today.

It's unfortunate that many young people spend their weekends drinking, smoking pot and using drugs like ecstasy not realizing the effects this is going to have on them down the road.

For a lot of teens today, their use of marijuana and alcohol and other drugs goes far beyond weekend recreational behavior and is now a daily routine. This is how experimenting with drugs and alcohol can lead to addiction so fast. It's sad to think some teens are unable to start their day without taking a drink or smoking a joint. Their lives are really just beginning during the teenage years and it's heartbreaking to think alcohol or drug addiction may destroy them before they're young adults.

When young people are using drugs like ecstasy they're not thinking about the dangers involved or the risk of overdose their taking when they're partying and getting high. Teens as young as 15 use ecstasy and not only risk overdose but have died. CBS News talks about a young girl that died from an overdose that took place at a rave in Los Angeles from drinking water that was laced with ecstasy and she was only 15.

Their news story really makes you stop and think about how serious and prevalent the use of drugs and alcohol has become today among teens. We need to become more aggressive now than ever before in terms of prevention. I wish hard core facts concerning substance abuse and addiction was a mandatory subject taught in grade school because 15 years old is just too young for life to be over.

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