Painkiller Addiction And Withdrawals in Newborns

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Painkiller Addiction And Withdrawals in Newborns

Prescription drug abuse is rising throughout the country and affecting men, women and young people in all age groups. It's extremely sad when you realize that newborn babies are also affected by the use of painkillers, heroin and other drugs of abuse. Depending on the drug or drugs abused they need to be treated with methadone or other forms of treatment after they're born.

This happens all too often, mothers using heroin, prescription painkillers or other substances during their pregnancy and their unborn child is suffering too. When a mother stops using drugs like pain pills or street drugs the unborn infant goes through horrible withdrawals. Many pregnant women don't seek medical help when they stop using drugs they try to stop all at once and this puts the unborn baby at even more risk.

When a baby is born addicted to heroin, prescription pain medications or methadone the baby is in serious need of treatment and needs to be weaned off of the drug. Babies can tremble and shake, cry continuously sometimes, and are completely miserable. A mother in Maine knows all too well now what happens when drugs are abused during pregnancy and how serious it is for the baby while in utero and after they're born.

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