Most Recent Synthetic Drug of Concern, N-Bomb

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Most Recent Synthetic Drug of Concern, N-Bomb

A synthetic drug that's beginning to circulate in St. Louis right now is called N-Bomb, but the hallucinogenic drug has been responsible for deaths in other states in the past and is beginning to show up in other areas too. N-Bomb is an extremely potent substance which is used in the same way LSD is used. If you've not heard of N-Bomb yet, it's also referred to as legal acid and can be obtained through the internet.

N-Bomb can be taken as a liquid or absorbed through the skin or tongue from blotter paper that's been soaked with the dangerous chemical. A small amount of the chemical in N-Bomb can be lethal so it's important that people realize how dangerous this synthetic drug is.

No matter how a person takes N-Bomb, the results can be deadly and unfortunately the synthetic drug is killing users across the country. A mother from Chesterfield recently spoke out about the dangerous drug N-Bomb after her daughter's drink was laced with the substance which you can find on usatoday.com. The young girl's symptoms included breathing difficulties, vision problems, and seeing bright lights when her eyes were open. According to an article on stltoday.com, N-Bomb is "linked to deaths in California, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota and Virginia. One drop of N-Bomb absorbed through the skin can be lethal.

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