Molly, Another Dangerous Form of MDMA Increasing in Use

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Molly, Another Dangerous Form of MDMA Increasing in Use

There's a variety of dangerous drugs that fall into the category 'club drugs' which are illegally produced synthetic substances many teens and young adults are using recreationally because they enhance their enjoyment while partying and clubbing. One type of club drug contains MDMA which is a manmade substance that contains many different chemicals that are dangerous and unsafe, but that doesn't stop young people from trying them.

Molly is a version of MDMA that comes in crystal or powder form that's increasing in popularity among teens and young adults today so parents need to be aware the drug exists and what to look for. Molly is a synthetic psychoactive substance that's tremendously unsafe but young people continue to abuse the drug in spite of the serious potential risks. Molly produces a stimulant and hallucinogenic affect that produces feelings of euphoria but there are also many other symptoms experienced that aren't so pleasurable.

Molly is a stimulant so users may feel alert, somewhat hyper and euphoric but they can also experience cramping of the muscles, nausea and other unpleasant and serious symptoms too. The use of Molly can cause depression and anxiety for more than a week with frequent use. High doses of MDMA can lead to seizures and affect the heart but unfortunately users aren't aware of how dangerous club drugs like Molly are.

There are signs to look for if a parent suspects their teen or even young adult is abusing Molly that the FDA provides. Signs of Molly use include clenching of the jaws, sudden appetite loss, high and low temperatures, signs of depression, and remaining in bed for extended periods of time. Changes in behavior, academic performance and friends can also be a sign a young person is abusing Molly or other drug use.

The short term effects associated with the use of Molly include confusion, unusual cravings, blurry vision, and loss of memory, fever, rapid eye movements, and sweating. Molly is also addictive and according to the DEA costs anywhere from $8 up to $25 dollars on the streets. Emergency rooms are beginning to receive teen patients due to the use of Molly so parents need to be aware.

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