Injection Drug Use Research Findings

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Injection Drug Use Research Findings

Heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and other stimulants are some of the substances drug users choose to inject. Unfortunately there are many serious risks involved when administering street drugs and other substances this way.

Overcoming substance abuse and drug addiction is not easy no matter how the substance is administered. It's through studies and research that we are able to find treatment improvements associated with substance abuse and addiction.

No two people are alike and when it comes to treating substance abuse we know that it's important to provide individualized treatment programs for each person. Many injection drug users are still in need of treatment to overcome their dependence and through research we can learn better ways improve their road to recovery.

According to a recent study that was done it is becoming apparent that individuals that inject drugs are the ones who may need treatment for their substance use and addiction the most. It doesn't matter what type of drug a person injects either. This is not to say that people who use substances orally, snort or smoke them aren't in need of treatment though.

Study's Research Findings

People who inject drugs have more problems related to substance use than those who don't inject the drugs. Information was compiled from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. This is a yearly United States survey that included around 70 thousand adults and children. Some of the findings associated with injection drug users compared to substance users that don't inject drugs include:

  1. Substance users that live in rural areas are more likely to inject drugs
  2. Injection drug users are more likely to be around the age of 35 and older
  3. Injection drug users have higher rates of not graduating from High School
  4. It's more common for injection drug users to be arrested or jailed than other types of substance users

Injection Drug Users Have Higher Rates Of

  1. Unemployment
  2. Addiction
  3. Mental and physical co-occurring mental health disorders

As a result of the research findings it's apparent that injection drug users no matter what substance they use need to have specialized treatment which also includes injection drug users that are incarcerated.

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