Information for Parents About Synthetic Bath Salts That are Still Being Abused Today

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Information for Parents About Synthetic Bath Salts That are Still Being Abused Today

A lot of adolescents and young people today are still experimenting with synthetic bath salts and there are parents that may still be unaware that the dangerous stimulant drug even exists. The type of bath salts that people are using contains man-made chemicals that stimulate a person mentally and physically but also causes serious side effects as well.

It's very important for parents today to not only know what kinds of drugs are being abused, but what the signs are just in case their child or someone else they know may be experimenting with or addicted to Bath Salts. Even though the stimulant drug 'bath salts' has been around for a while and has caused horrific mental and emotional problems for a lot of people, the man-made substance continues to be abused.

The bath salts that are being abused today are synthetic (man-made) chemicals and not really meant to be used for relaxing in a warm tub of water. The bath salts that are dangerously being used by some of our adolescents and young people are really synthetic chemicals similar to speed, and when ingested, snorted, smoked or injected, the person experiences tons of energy, alertness, and the drug greatly enhances their mood.

Unfortunately that's not all a person experiences when they abuse bath salts. The risks involved are not only serious but can even result in death from use of bath salts.

Synthetic Bath Salts Abuse and Symptoms to Watch For

DrugFree.org has wonderful information for parents to help them understand what these dangerous synthetic bath salts are and how to tell the difference from bath salts that are intended for use in a bathtub. The packets synthetic bath salts come in are very small and usually states that it's not meant for human consumption. If the packet says only for adults or that it isn't illegal there is a good possibility that it's not meant for a bath but instead "created for ingestion".

A lot of young people try using drugs like synthetic bath salts because they don't view them as illegal and feel they're less dangerous than other street drugs like methamphetamines but that couldn't be further from the truth. It's very dangerous to use synthetic bath salts and many people have ended up in the hospital because of their use. Because this form of bath salts can cause addiction there are also people receiving treatment in order to overcome their dependence to the substance.

Synthetic bath salts are very easy to get and you can even purchase them online.

Synthetic Bath Salts and Symptoms Experienced When Abused

When a person uses synthetic bath salts to get high they don't just feel euphoric and energized, they also experience many other symptoms that are severe, serious and dangerous. According to DrugFree.org people have experienced the following symptoms.

  1. Suicidal thoughts
  2. They become agitated
  3. They can become violent
  4. Experience confusion
  5. Hallucinate
  6. Experience psychosis
  7. Their heart rate increases
  8. Hypertension
  9. Chest pains
  10. Serious injuries
  11. Death

Paranoia is very serious and when abusing synthetic bath salts to get high the user risks hurting themselves or someone else when they're under the influence of this dangerous man-made drug.

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