Governor of Ohio Takes on Prescription Drug Epidemic

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Governor of Ohio Takes on Prescription Drug Epidemic

Prescription drug abuse is increasing every day throughout the United States and Ohio is now able to do something about their problems concerning prescription drugs. $36 million dollars in funds for new drug treatment and work readiness project are available to combat prescription drug abuse according to Governor Kasich of Ohio. These funds will be used to help people in Ohio that are addicted to prescription drugs get the proper treatment that?s needed so they can recover and go back to work.

Governor Kasich also said they are creating Opiate Task Forces in 23 counties that will help educate and provide prevention in order to stop the use of opiate drugs from being a drug of abuse. The Governor is very passionate about the abuse and addiction to prescription drugs and feels it?s an epidemic. The $36 million will be put to use combatting prescription drug abuse and mental illness.

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