Flesh Decaying Drug Has Made It's Way to the United States

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Flesh Decaying Drug Has Made It's Way to the United States

A horrific synthetic opiate known as Krokodil has made its way into the United States and everyone including drug users need to be aware of the extremely serious consequences associated with its use. Krokodil, a manmade drug, is so highly dangerous that it actually causes a person's skin to decay and rot off Fox 32 News reports and according to their report, it's made its way to Chicago.

Krokodil began its existence in Russia ten years ago and it's much cheaper than heroin. Dr. Abhin Singla the Director of Addiction Services at Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Joliet said "If you want to kill yourself, (using) this is the way to do it," Fox News reports. Dangerous ingredients in Krokodil include codeine tablets which are combined with gasoline, paint thinner butane, and other chemicals together and it's three times as potent as heroin Dr. Singla said.

The effects associated with Krokodil use are unbelievably devastating and users of heroin and other drugs need to be made aware. The Fox 32 news report contains videos, important information and the graphic images are horrific but because the drug has made way to the US, everyone needs to be aware it exists and just how dangerous use can be.

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