Fentanyl Disguised as Heroin Causes Spike in Overdose Fatalities

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Fentanyl Disguised as Heroin Causes Spike in Overdose Fatalities

Fentanyl disguised as heroin in British Columbia causes spike in overdose fatalities this year. Strong pain medications like fentanyl are increasing in abuse and even though the powerful painkiller is a prescribed drug, it's illegally sold on the streets. Some drug dealers substitute fentanyl for street drugs like heroin and opiate drug users don't even know it and the results are often fatal.

In British Columbia drug dealers are illegally selling fentanyl to heroin and other drug addicts and many of them are dying from a fatal overdose. British Columbia's health officials have had to issue a warning recently because there has been such a drastic increase in deaths related to fentanyl among drug users from overdose according to CBC News.

Heroin users are dying from an overdose because they're unknowingly abusing fentanyl which is a hundred times more potent than morphine so it's an extremely powerful opiate painkiller. There were only 8 fentanyl related overdose fatalities in British Columbia in 2011 and in 2012, fatal fentanyl overdoses increased and totaled 20 for the entire year. This year in 2013 within the first four months, British Columbia had already seen 23 fentanyl related deaths.

To show just how potent and powerful fentanyl is, the opiate pain medication also comes in the form of a patch that's prescribed to patients suffering from chronic pain. Not long ago a twelve year old girl in Missouri named Destiny died accidentally from a possible fentanyl overdose after placing a used patch on her leg she had found in the trash according to ksdk.com.

Her grandmother has to use the fentanyl patch due to back pain and her granddaughter possibly thought it was some kind of sticker and put the patch on her thigh without anyone knowing. Sadly the twelve year old died while she was sleeping.

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