Diligence and Awareness Pays Off in Schools

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Diligence and Awareness Pays Off in Schools

In North Carolina because of awareness to drugs and alcohol by students and staff, the Iredell-Statesville Schools are showing an increase of reported incidents due to drug and alcohol possession this year. Last year through March drug and alcohol incident reports totaled 35 cases but this year through March there have already been a total of 51 reported incidents.

Because Iredell-Statesville School Administrators have been vigilant and students have been aware as well they're able to stay on top of drug and alcohol related incidents in their schools. The biggest part of the substance related incident reports came from the 5 high schools in their district.

Because of the School Districts diligent awareness and the students being more comfortable reporting drug and alcohol incidents they're able to stay on top of substance related issues better. Their schools randomly search their student's lockers and conduct parking lot searches throughout the school year. They also look into all rumors concerning drug or alcohol possession. Criminal charges could be faced, school suspension, or students could possibly be expelled if a student is found with illegal substances on their campus. Their staff works hard combatting substance problems on their campus and their efforts are paying off.

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