Avoid Alcohol Tragedies With Your Teens

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Avoid Alcohol Tragedies With Your Teens

Alcohol is a substance that's abused by many young people as well as adults and alcohol related tragedies affect people of all ages. We have lost way too many young people due to accidents involving alcohol and many other innocent victims have either gotten injured or lost their life due to someone else's poor choice of driving under the influence. It's time we take control as parents and let our children know point blank that underage drinking is illegal and intolerable. We also need to have open communication with our teenagers listening to them, advising them, and educating them when it comes to alcohol. Prom night can be one of the most exciting experiences in a young person's life but you don't want it to be their last. Talk to your young children and teens so they'll make good choices come prom or graduation night.

It's important that parents talk to their teenagers about the serious dangers associated with drinking alcohol, binge drinking and driving while intoxicated. During high school years around 70 percent of teenagers drink during this time according to the researchers at the University of Michigan. They also say that 23 percent of seniors also admit to binge drinking in 2010.

MADD which stands for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, is doing everything they can to get parents involved with talking to their teenagers about alcohol. They're announcing April 21 to be 'PowerTalk21 Day' which is the day parents and caregivers should start talking to their teens about the dangers involved with drinking and using alcohol.

Robert Turrisi is a professor of bio-behavioral health at Pennsylvania State University and PowerTalk21Day is based on his research. He feels parents need to be very clear with their teens letting them know underage drinking is against family rules and just how dangerous underage drinking is.

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