Adolescents and Teens Have No Trouble Finding Prescription Drugs and Over The Counter Medications

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Adolescents and Teens Have No Trouble Finding Prescription Drugs and Over The Counter Medications

Illegal drugs aren't the only substances that are used for the purpose of getting high now-a-days. If an adolescent, teen or adult wants to get high they don't have to go very far or spend much money to experience the euphoria they're looking for. This is extremely sad but unfortunately it's true. Many teens admit that they abuse prescription drugs and over the counter (OTC) drugs for two reasons, they're easy to get when they want them and they think they're safer than illegal drugs.

Did you know that with the exception of marijuana, teens abuse prescription drugs more than any other illegal drugs?

It's true, young people think they're safe but in reality they're just as dangerous as any street drug when they're misused.

We all want our children and young adults to stay safe, where are young people getting prescription drugs and over the counter medications from?

It's much easier than a parent might think, a big portion of teenagers that misuse prescription drugs actually get them from their friends and relatives and the majority of them get the drugs for free, it doesn't cost them a dime. Young people also get these drugs from their own homes, at their school or from their grandparent's homes. Prescription and over the counter drugs are also extremely easy to find on the web, the internet is full of web sites that sell prescription drugs illegally, they don't require a prescription.

Cough syrups are very easy to get, grocery stores, drug stores and many gas stations and convenience stores sell cough and cold medications. There are plenty of websites out there in web-land that actually teach kids and young people how to get high once they get their hands on prescription drugs and over the counter medications. They give step by step instructions on which ones to take, how to mix the drugs together, and what the effects will be when they do. What they don't tell our young people is just how dangerous it is and that misusing these drugs can be lethal.

Adolescents, teens and young adults just don't realize how dangerous and serious abusing prescription and OTC drugs can be. Many of them see nothing wrong with using these drugs to get high. We need our children to understand that when these drugs are misused and abused they're just as dangerous as any street drug.

Did you know that that when you mix prescription drugs with street drugs or alcohol you risk serious health problems like respiratory problems, seizures, or heart failure?

It's true, prescription drugs are very powerful and when misused not only does a person risk serious injury but they can die from abusing painkillers, depressants, or stimulant drugs. Prescription drugs are very unpredictable and should never be misused.

Most young people don't realize how addictive many of the prescription and over the counter drugs are. Addiction to prescription drugs can happen at any age and when it does it can ruin your life. A teenager's life is really just beginning and sadly in a short period of time their health and their future can be ruined because they didn't understand just how serious and dangerous misusing drugs can be.

Parents can become more aware of how easy it is for their children to get prescription drugs and over the counter medications with this tour.

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