Abusing Prescription Painkillers Eventually Just Isn't Enough Anymore

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Abusing Prescription Painkillers Eventually Just Isn't Enough Anymore

Not only are prescription painkillers becoming popular among many teens and young adults who want to get high while partying with their friends, but they're leading to other drug use for a lot of people. Pain pills like Oxycodone, Vicodin and Percocet are common pain medications that people are abusing today and users are becoming dependent on them very easily.

Eventually the painkillers they have been abusing just aren't enough anymore and young people are moving on to even more addictive and dangerous drugs like heroin.

What's sad is the fact that many of the young people abusing prescription painkillers and other medications were fearful of drugs like heroin in the beginning. They chose to misuse prescribed drugs thinking they were safer because they were legal. Prescription pain pills for a long time were also extremely easy to get and they were quite cheap so it wasn't hard for young people to abuse them.

Today prescription painkillers and other prescribed medications are not as obtainable as they once were due to the new prescription drug laws and they're also not powerful enough after a while once a person becomes addicted to them. Young people are moving on to much harder and more dangerous drugs like heroin now and that's a big part of the reason 'heroin abuse' is becoming more prevalent today. Heroin is also very easy to get a hold of and it's relatively inexpensive and much more powerful than prescription drugs making it a much sought after drug today.

People who were once afraid of heroin are now addicted to the drug and suffering from the destructive hold this powerful opiate has on them. Even some people who legitimately were using painkillers due to moderate or extreme pain are moving on to more powerful drugs like heroin. Once a person becomes dependent on prescribed pain medications they have to continue their use and eventually move onto more powerful potent drugs. This is part of the reason young people aren't the only ones abusing heroin and other substances today.

If you or someone you know are addicted to prescription painkillers or other prescribed drugs seek help before you're already serious and dangerous addiction gets even worse due to heroin abuse. Many people who were just experimenting with prescription drug abuse off and on at one time are now unfortunately 'full blown heroin addicts' in need of intense inpatient treatment and medical care.

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