What Is Desoxyn

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What Is Desoxyn

This article will focus on Desoxyn, which is Methamphetamine that has been legally manufactured and can be legally prescribed for certain medical conditions. It is not in any way to be construed as providing any sort of information on Methamphetamine that is illegally manufactured and sold and has caused a major drug abuse and addiction issue in the United States, as has been and is reported by addiction recovery specialists.

For this reason, no mention of the pharmacological or chemical make-up of Methamphetamine will be mentioned in this article.

Desoxyn is the brand name for Methamphetamine that, again, is legally manufactured and prescribed. The drug is a stimulant medication which acts on the central nervous system.

Why Is Desoxyn Prescribed?

Desoxyn can be prescribed for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Health care professionals who prescribe Desoxyn for ADHD should take care to ensure that this condition truly exists. This can be done by using the criteria set forth in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-IV (DSM-IV).

Desoxyn is also sometimes prescribed, on a short-term basis, for weight loss. This is usually only done in those people for whom other obesity methods and treatments have not been successful. In addition to the (again) short-term prescribing of this medication, a low-calorie diet is also expected to be a part of the treatment protocol. In some instances, low dosages of Desoxyn can be prescribed for Narcolepsy. This is a condition in which a person has no control over when or where he may fall asleep, or for how long he may remain asleep.

Statistics Relating To Desoxyn

Methamphetamine is highly addictive, even when it is legally manufactured and legally prescribed. As mentioned earlier, Methamphetamine addiction is a serious problem in the United States, and, according to addiction recovery specialists, it has a very high rate relapse rate. A person is considered to have a relapse when he begins to abuse Methamphetamine again after having been off the drug for a specific period of time.

According to addiction recovery specialists, the number of people in the United States, age 12 and older, who abused Methamphetamine (whether the legal or illegal form) at least once in the year before these numbers were gathered was 1.2 million. In 2010, according to addiction recovery specialists, 1.2% of 8th graders, 1.6% of 10th graders, and 1.0% of 12th graders were among those who had already abused Methamphetamine at least once in the year before these figures were compiled.

In addition to the high incidence for abuse, according to addiction recovery specialists, Methamphetamine has a very high relapse rate. However, if a person who is abusing or addicted to Methamphetamine receives treatment that includes individual and group therapy sessions held several times a week, involving both the user and family members, as well as participation in an NA or another 12-step type program that will help him avoid relapse, the chances for recovery after six months are 50%. If treatment is sought in a residential program (sometimes referred to as an in-patient program), relapse may be less likely to occur, simply because the patient has very little or no possibility of obtaining Methamphetamine. In these instances, the recovery rate after six months rises to 60% to 80%.

How Is Desoxyn Abused?

The most common method of abuse of Methamphetamine - the illegal type that is manufactured in clandestine labs and sold "on the street" - is through smoking it after it has been heated to form a solid crystalline substance or by dissolving it in a liquid and injecting it directly into a vein or under the skin.

This can also occur with the legal prescription Desoxyn, especially if the addiction has become severe. In addition, taking more of the prescription drug than has been prescribed or taking it more often than prescription instructions state can also be ways in which the prescription drug is abused.

Of course, obtaining Desoxyn legitimately through prescription but then selling or distributing it to those for whom it is not intended is also a form of abuse. Unfortunately, according to addiction recovery specialists, many people often do this with any type of addictive prescription drug, not just Methamphetamine.

Even when used properly, Desoxyn acts as a stimulant. This can cause the heart to race and breathing to become rapid. The person using Desoxyn has a decreased appetite, and may have trouble sleeping. People who are abusing Desoxyn may go for days without eating or sleeping, which can lead to malnutrition and emotional or mental problems caused by lack of sleep.

Desoxyn Addiction Treatment Options

Health care professionals should be very certain that a diagnosis of ADHD exists before Desoxyn is prescribed or that using Desoxyn is the only way in which a person can lose weight. When at all possible, other medications as well as behavioral therapies should be attempted.

A drug rehab center also helps fight prescription drug addiction with a professionally-licensed and trained staff that recognizes drug addiction signs and knows how to treat them for effectiveness.

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