Lexapro Abuse and Addiction

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Lexapro Abuse and Addiction

Lexapro is a prescribed drug that is a selective Serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). It is a drug that is used in treating anxiety disorders in men, women, and children.

While Lexapro is not an extremely addictive drug, it is one where a person can go through the symptoms of withdrawal if they try to get off the narcotic.

Even though the chemistry of the brain in dealing with depression is not totally understood, it is widely believed that chemical messengers harbor nerve cell communication in regulating various mood and behavior aspects.

These chemicals are referred to as neurotransmitters and imbalances in them are believed to be a cause of depression and anxiety. Since Lexapro is a SSRI, it blocks the Serotonin being absorbed into the brain, which means there is more of it making the imbalances less likely. If abused a person can come to be addicted to Lexapro and they may need to get help for their substance abuse issue.

Why Is Lexapro Prescribed?

Lexapro is mainly used to treat depression and anxiety. The medicine can be taken in tablet and liquid form. The typical side effects of Lexapro are nausea, insomnia, and headaches.

Statistics Relating To Lexapro

Lexapro is prescribed to over 18 million adults in the United States every year. By taking 10mg/day of Lexapro, it can significantly improve the symptoms of depression (MDD) in adults and adolescents (aged 12-17) and Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) for adults.

How Lexapro Is Abused?

Dependency on Lexapro can come about quickly and can lead to addiction and possibly Lexapro withdrawal if the drug is discontinued. Lexapro is not a drug that is taken like others, as it is not found on the street often and addiction mainly comes from prolonged use of the drug. Gradual dependency on Lexapro is built up the longer a person takes the narcotic. Since it is a prescribed medicine people are not fully aware of the addiction dangers.

Lexapro addiction and withdrawal are considered more long-term side effects of taking the drug. It is a different drug in that it is not taken to get "high," but that does not mean that the chances of addiction are lessened. However, Lexapro can dull the pain a person feels from depression and/or anxiety and with a prolonged use of the drug the more likely it is that they become addicted. If a person abuses Lexapro and takes more than the required dose they can develop a Serotonin syndrome, which may be deadly.

Just like with any type of medication there are side effects when taking Lexapro. The dulling of the senses is the main effect on the body, as it is a narcotic used to battle depression and anxiety. Many of the side effects of Lexapro will go away as the body gets used to the drug in the system, but when the body gets used to the drug is when addiction takes place the most. Some of the common side effects when taking Lexapro are headaches, drowsiness, insomnia, diarrhea, nausea, constipation, and dizziness.

Lexapro Abuse Treatment Options

Even though Lexapro is not one of the most commonly abused drugs there still are many treatment options. When a person is dependent on the drug they may have to go through the detoxification process, which can be easier to go through at an in-patient treatment center that has a medical staff on site.

While the dangers of Lexapro addiction are not as high as with other types of drugs, the withdrawals that people must go through to get the narcotic out of their system are just like other withdrawals. These withdrawals are not easy at all. A treatment center can make the detox process easier to handle. Counseling is also used for the addiction to Lexapro. There are both in-patient Lexapro treatment programs as well as outpatient programs.

No matter how severe a person's addiction to Lexapro is they should first consult with a professional drug abuse counselor before seeking treatment. The reason for this is that the professional will look at a person's unique Lexapro addiction and find the best type of treatment for their situation. The more a person is in the right type of Lexapro treatment the more of a chance they will have to be successful in getting off the drug.

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