Kadian Addiction and Abuse

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Kadian Addiction and Abuse

Kadian is a type of opiate pain relief narcotic that can be very addictive. Since it is a drug that is very strong in the relief of pain, it is generally prescribed to cancer patients and other people that have gone through some type of non-cognitive-damaging trauma.

Kadian is very dangerous for those who use the drug on a recreational basis since they are likely not aware that there is a waxy time-release mechanism that when heated can break down the narcotic to be injected making it even more of a danger to the body.

Kadian capsules are an extended-release form of Morphine Sulfate that is taken orally when prescribed. It is a highly potent opiate analgesic narcotic that acts on the central nervous system of the body in order to reduce pain. Kadian is a drug that is highly addictive when compared to other substances and physical and psychological dependencies can develop quickly. Kadian has a higher incidence of euphoria/dysphoria, respiratory depression, sedation, tolerance, and both physical and psychological dependence when compared to other opioid-based narcotics.

Why is Kadian Prescribed?

Kadian is grouped together with narcotic pain relievers and the main use is for the treatment of pain. The drug should be taken as prescribed and ingested on the onset of pain. As stated before Kadian is often prescribed to cancer patients and those that are have gone through surgery.

How Kadian Is Abused?

Kadian is abused, as since it is an opioid narcotic it gives the person a feeling of euphoria. The abuse of Kadian can be very dangerous and may be more dangerous than other types of narcotics because of the strength of the prescription drug. The physical consequences of Kadian abuse can be very dangerous, as it can bring about respiratory problems, drowsiness, coma, and death.

Kadian overdose is common since the long-acting time capsules release a lot of Morphine to the body very quickly. The capsules can be crushed and snorted, taken orally, and dissolved with heat and injected. Also, the psychological effects of Kadian can be great and devastating.

Kadian Effects on the Body

Much like other types of opioid analgesics Kadian can be a very addictive narcotic. Taking Kadian can give a person the feeling of euphoria, which is one of the reasons it is very addictive. There are many side effects when Kadian is abused, one of the most dangerous being respiratory depression. People that are addicted to Kadian can also have long-term breathing problems, anxiety, moodiness, dizziness, nausea, sedation, sweating, and vomiting. The longer a person takes Kadian the more they will build up a tolerance for it and have to take more in order to feel the "high." Many times a person will have withdrawals if they are addicted and stop taking the drug.

Kadian Abuse Treatment Options

There are many prescription drug treatment options when it comes to Kadian addiction and there are special types of programs that can help people deal with their opioid narcotic addiction. Many types of in-patient drug recovery programs will have a medical staff on site in case a person has a severe addiction as must go through the difficult detoxification process. Kadian withdrawal can be managed with medically supervised detoxification. Typically, detox from Kadian will take about a week.

Counseling and therapy is often used in order to help people get over their Kadian addiction. If a person has a severe addiction they will go through counseling after their physical therapy is complete. Counseling can take place at both in-patient and outpatient Kadian treatment programs. However, it has been shown that in-patient treatment gives a person a greater chance of success. There are both one-on-one and group counseling available depending on what type of treatment program is used. Group therapy can be a good option to take, as a Kadian addict can get a pillar of support from other patients that are going through the same types of addiction problems.

Any time a person is serious about getting help for their Kadian addiction they should speak to a professional drug counselor to see what treatment options will suit them best. The more a treatment program fits a person's unique addiction needs, the more likely it is that they will be successful completing the program.

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