The Holistic Drug Rehab Center

Our Holistic Addiction Treatment Drug Rehab Center offers a unique approach to addiction recovery at an affordable price. We feel that by maintaining a reasonable fee for services combined with the best quality care, we will be able to reach those who would not ordinarily be able to afford this level of treatment.

Our approach to substance addiction and alcohol treatment is three fold, encompassing and treating the client's physiological, emotional and spiritual needs. We are a client centered facility based on respect and compassion. At our holistic drug rehab center, each problem area is individually focused upon and addressed, offering a wide range of therapeutic interventions to help each client achieve their specific needs and goals. Our holistic addiction and treatment program has helped addicts from all over the United States, Europe and Canada overcome their substance addictions and achieve long term recovery.

Our Holistic Drug Rehab Team

Our team deals not only with drug and alcohol abuse, but we deal with under-lying issues. The under-lying issues are contributing factors to this insidious and serious disease as well as Dual Diagnosis and Treatment. The Holistic foundation is built upon the 12 step recovery program. We treat the individual as a whole; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our holistic drug rehab program is tailored to meet the individual's specific needs by treating the person as well as their families. All this is accomplished in a loving and caring professional manner which we feel is the hallmark of quality treatment. Those who are addicted can and do recover. Holistic counseling helps continue the process, offering a one year aftercare program that provides a support system, with a focus on a relapse prevention plan and problem solving. Making a difference in our client's lives is our priority and goal.

We care about our clients and we understand how mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually crippling drug and alcohol dependency is not only on our clients, but on the whole family as well. Treating the disease of addiction is just part of treatment, when treating the mind, body and spirit as well as the addiction; our clients are able to Smile again, Laugh again, Feel again and Recover to Live Again!

Addiction Rehab & Recovery Topics

  • Kadian Abuse
  • Kadian, also called morphine, belongs to a class of drugs called opiate pain relievers. Kadian is a prescription pain medication prescribed to patient's experiencing moderate to severe levels of pain. Kadian also comes in extended release capsule form and is used when around the clock pain relief is necessary.

  • Acetaminophen Warning Issued by FDA Recently
  • Acetaminophen is the active ingredient in Tylenol but it's also combined in many prescription pain medications such as Percocet and Vicodin. Recently the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning urging health care professionals to refrain from prescribing medications containing more than 325 milligrams of acetaminophen per pill because high doses can be damaging to the liver.

  • New FDA Approved Powerful Painkiller has High Abuse Potential
  • On October 25th 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a news report stating they approved a new opioid extended-release painkiller that's extremely powerful. Zohydro ER is pure hydrocodone, it's not a combination product like current available forms of hydrocodone such as Vicodin which contains acetaminophen.

  • Flesh Decaying Drug Has Made It's Way to the United States
  • A horrific synthetic opiate known as Krokodil has made its way into the United States and everyone including drug users need to be aware of the extremely serious consequences associated with its use. Krokodil, a manmade drug, is so highly dangerous that it actually causes a person's skin to decay and rot off Fox 32 News reports and according to their report, it's made its way to Chicago.

  • Recent SAMHSA Study Looked into Average Day Substance Use Among Adolescents
  • After viewing a recent SAMHSA News Release, it appears we have a long way to go when it comes to educating our youth about the dangers involving the use of drugs and alcohol because their study results were staggering. Just the amount of adolescents using marijuana on an average day was unbelievable.

  • The Misuse of Methadone Could be Deadly
  • Methadone is a very unique synthetic painkiller because the prescription drug not only effectively relieves severe pain it's also been successfully used for many years in treating narcotic drug addiction. When methadone is used to treat addiction to narcotics, symptoms of withdrawal are suppressed for twenty four to thirty six hours.

  • Man Mutilates Own Genitalia While Under the Influence of Shrooms
  • Mushrooms that contain psilocybin can produce intense hallucinations and can cause other extremely delusional erratic behavior when they're ingested. Recently, the Detroit Free Press reported a man from Ohio mutilated part of his genitals while under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

  • Fentanyl Disguised as Heroin Causes Spike in Overdose Fatalities
  • Fentanyl disguised as heroin in British Columbia causes spike in overdose fatalities this year. Strong pain medications like fentanyl are increasing in abuse and even though the powerful painkiller is a prescribed drug, it's illegally sold on the streets. Some drug dealers substitute fentanyl for street drugs like heroin and opiate drug users don't even know it and the results are often fatal.

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Holistic Treatment

Holistic Recovery is available for the treatment of alcoholism, substance abuse and addictive disorders. Our Addiction Treatment Program is designed to meet the needs of both men and women that struggle with Chronic Relapse, Co-Occurring Disorders, as well as other addictive behaviors and substances. After years of addiction and abuse, the body and mind take a toll, our approach heals the whole person.

Mind Body & Spirit

Addressing the mind through Counseling and Therapy heals the individual psychologically. Cleansing the body of toxic chemicals and restoring health through good nutrition and physical activity heals the body. Integrating treatment with 12 Step based programs is a way of healing the individual emotionally and spiritually. Bringing health and balance to the Mind, Body & Spirit ensures a successful recovery.